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Our Mission is to provide adult Male Mentoring and Teen Coaching to boys and young males in our communities. To encourage, empower, and equip them to recognize their responsibilities, their Choices and Decisions and their future.

Our vision is to create a Community Based Organization

for boys and young males that provides information, advice, guidance and expo-sure through group sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences and activities.


“We are transforming Broward County, One male youth at a time."

Boys are an integral part of society-they are the fathers, teachers, elected officials, activist, scientists, and noblemen of the future. Their destiny is of great benefit to us, their families, and the people around them. Through boys and young males that we get to pass on our heritage, our traditions, our knowledge in their hands, we lay plans.

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Men2Boys is a male only (single gender) program to ensure focus, to emphasize seriousness and to create bonds. We are also responding to the growing number of young males that are being raised in fatherless homes. Many of these young males are falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile justice system.

We provide group mentoring for young males, most of who are facing a turbulent transition to manhood and we offer a positive support system to help them avoid the pitfalls that will derail their lives.