Our vision is to operate a program that provides a generation of boys and young males with information, influence, advice, and guidance through Group discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, events, and activities.

Men2Boys' has many goals the first is to establish a group conversation that focuses on the responsibility of making positive and productive choices and decisions; everyday choices and decisions, long and short term choices and decisions.


Our goal is also to promote the Importance of Education. Academic achievement and student success, meeting short term and long term goals in education is a direct focus of Men2Boys.

Another goal of ours is to promote the idea of selecting and creating positive and productive friendships and eliminating our negative friendships. Advising and guiding young males on how to manage the relationships in their lives and to identify important relationships from casual relationships.

Class of 2018


Meet Johnston Delva, a 19-year-old from Coral Springs, FL. This mentee came to Men2Boys in Summer 2016. He was referred to our Program from the Department of Juvenile Justice. He was on probation for a juvenile offense and had to complete 250 community service hours. With his requirements, this mentee was fortunate to then be referred to the Men2Boys Mentoring Program where he could earn those 250 Community Service Hours by just coming to the Progam and allowing our message of empowerment, education, encouragement, energy, equip, and elevate.  Shortly after coming to the weekly sessions, this mentee faced an upcoming school year of uncertainty. The school year had arrived and the mentee had become comfortable enough with Coach Dunn when he shares his concerns. He was headed into his junior year in High School but he was not at the same level in credits as an eleventh-grader. He knew, after spending the Summer listening to Men2Boys' attempt to encourage and empower him that he had this roadblock to deal with, he did not have enough credits to graduate in two years. By this time in his educational awaking, he was not interested in delaying his completion of high school. He wanted to graduate with his class, and despite his awareness of his circumstances he still wanted this. So by him coming to Coach Dunn and sharing his circumstances a Mentor's role is to immediately advocate on behalf of the mentee. With his parent's authorization Men2Boys scheduled a meeting this the school Guidance Department and sat with the Counselor and the mentee and had an adult to an adult conversation that led to the mentees ability to chart a path to Graduation right then and there with the Counselor and myself that enabled him to accomplish his goal of still graduating with his class of 2018. However, it was going to involve two years of work the mentee has not yet shown he would be able to handle. Academic challenges he had yet to show he could conquer, however, this was a different guy, he was not really concerned about the work challenge when asked about it. He was right, when he put his head down and began those classes with his new attitude thanks to Men2Boys message, he did not look up until it was Graduate 2018. In getting this far he completed all of his required Community Service Hours (250) through Men2Boys and continued after they were completed. Johnston graduated with his class and accepted Men2Boys assistance in getting hired by Publix and as been with this job for close to two years. During that time this mentee (Alumni now) went to a Vocational School to study HVAC Refrigeration and Air Conditioning repair where he completed his course requirements and is now splitting his time working both opportunities while still learning from Men2Boys on how to be a better adult. Thanks M2Bs!

Class of 2019


Meet Duvalove Fils, a 17-year-old, from Deerfield Beach, FL.

This mentee came to Men2Boys in November of 2018 as a referral from the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.  For the first two group sessions, he showed very little interest in the message and therefore he did not attend the group sessions on a regular basis at the beginning. During the intake orientation process, Men2Boys noticed that the mentee was failing, all subjects, with “Fs” for all his seven classes for the third marking period of his senior year. 


After his third or fourth group attendance, I had the opportunity to give the mentee a ride home from Group.  During the ride home, I tried to engage the mentee in a discussion to try and understand the reason for his performance in school at such a pivotal time, of completing his high school education.  He was very quiet about what was going on with his grades, but he expressed concerns about a problem he was dealing with. The problem he shared with me had to do with his girlfriend wanting to go to the student prom at school, but he did not have the proper clothes to wear nor the resources to buy new clothes. It was evident that he had a strong desire to accompany his girlfriend to prom. I asked him why was his focus on the prom and not on him graduating.  I offer to buy him a suit to wear to prom if he improved his grades in at least three of his classes in this last quarter of the school year. He accepted the challenge and I saw at that moment a glow on his face.


The mentee proceeded to work on his current class assignments and outstanding assignments [undone, overdue assignments] and started to focus on his classes and his schoolwork. The mentee began attending M2Bs groups regularly.  With this new focus and M2Bs encouragement, advice, support, and motivation the mentee was able to meet the challenge set forth.  He improved his grades from seven “F” grades to earning one “C” and “A” s & “B” s in his remaining six classes. Because of his incredible accomplishment, the mentee was rewarded with not a suit, but M2Bs rented him a tuxedo [with shoes and Cumberbatch]. The mentee was thrilled and got to enjoy the prom with his girlfriend and other classmates. The mentee continued the challenge and focused on completing the final obstacle to graduation. He passed all his classes and met all the requirements for graduation.  He credits Men2Boys for coming into his life at just the right time. He credits our encouraging, our message of caring, of focus, of making choices and decisions for your best life, to his timely graduation.


The mentee has taken the entrance exam to join the US Navy and passed with a grade almost twice higher than the minimum passing grade. Men2Boys is proud to have played a role in the above-named mentee success thus far.  M2Bs look forward to great things in the mentee’s future with the US Navy. Thanks M2Bs!

Class of 2020


Meet Anthony Gustave, a 19-year-old from Pompano Beach, FL. This mentee came to Men2Boys in February 2019. I should say Men2Boys found this mentee, he was not referred to our Program rather his younger brother was referred to our Program. When our staff went out to this mentee’s house it was to meet his mother and his brother. While we were there this mentee was there playing a video game. While we were explaining the Programs message of empowerment, education, and encouragement, to this mentee’s mother and brother little did we know this mentee was listening to the whole conversation? From there the mentee made his interest know and began coming to the Group sessions with his brother. Since they both attended the same school our Mentor with always see both brothers together. However, things started to go separate ways for the brothers. This mentee began to really take our message and apply it more to his school focus and attention. His work started to improve while his brother, unfortunately, went in the other direction. At the beginning of the 12th grade, this mentee decided he needed to switch schools to get back to a more traditional classroom-type school environment. Once he received validation that his decision was a good one he completely took off academically, he was accomplishing goals quickly throughout the year. Then to complete his year he had to finish the last quarter and his final testing under the Pandemic conditions. But the mentee would not be deterred he not only stayed focus he also obtained a part-time job working at the local Walmart in his Pompano neighborhood. Now he is 180 degrees from where he was just 18 months ago. He has completed his academic requirements this year and became a distinguished Graduate with a job at Walmart and his eyes on a career as a Video Game Developer and school in Fall 2020. Thanks Men2Boys