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Program Curriculum:

Men2Boys Group Mentoring Program is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Tax Exempt organization. Men2Boys has been operating in Broward County Florida since the Spring of 2010. Our mission is to provide Group Mentoring and “Teen Coaching” to boys and young males in our community and the surrounding area. To encourage, empower, and equip, to educate, energize and elevate young males to make responsible choices, smart decisions, recognize their passions and discover their purpose.

Part I: Creating a Positive Environment​​

Part II: CORE Level Learning Modules


Part III: NEXT Level Learning Modules


Part IV: Additional Information and Exposure

  • SET THE TABLE (For completed Participants only):

    • Special Activities and Events;

                Job Readiness, Job Preparedness Workshop

                Concepts of Entrepreneurship

                “Choices and Decisions” Seminars

                STEM: Careers and Occupations

                Youth Basketball Program

                Making Money Through Social Media

                Dream Day/Career Fair and Exploration

                Robotics Program

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