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Men2Boys' Programs Page

M2Bs is a Broward County Schools approved After-School Mentoring Program . 

We contribute to the efforts that are addressing the "School to Prison Pipeline". We conduct straight forward down-to-earth conversations directly with young males in these schools about the issues that cause bad choices and decisions! 

M2Bs partners with FDJJ to conduct a weekly Mentoring Program . 

We conduct our straight forward down-to-earth "Big Boy" conversations directly with young males who's choices and decision making needs to be straighten out before they reach adulthood and become serious problems and cause damage to their futures and our communities. 

M2Bs strives to be a voice in our Communities! 

To bring a message to our boys and young males of positive growth, teen development, maturity, responsibility and accountability. We seek to engage and connect with our boys and young males through organized group discussions, conversations and activities. Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and recreational events!