Program Curriculum:

Men2Boys Group Mentoring Program is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Tax Exempt organization. Men2Boys has been operating in Broward County Florida since the Spring of 2010. Our mission is to provide Group Mentoring and “Teen Coaching” to boys and young males in our community and the surrounding area. To encourage, empower, and equip, to educate, energize and elevate young males to make responsible choices, smart decisions, recognize their passions and discover their purpose.

PART I: Creating a Positive Environment

  1. Mentee Registration Process (In-take and Orientation)

  2. Individual Assessment Profiles

  3. Individual Success Plan

  4. Homework Assistance/Academic Tutoring

  5. Marking Period Monitoring

  6. Teen Development Programs

  7. Performance Awards, Rewards

Part II: CORE Level Learning Modules

Module One: Dreams (Focus on your future)

  1. What is your life going to look like ten years from now?

  2. Do you have a dream? (Sports players do, so do geeks and nerds)

  3. Have you spent any time thinking about your future?

  4. Identifying Your Dream/Purpose

  5. How to begin the Chase

  6. Learn to Grind

Module Two: Choices and Decisions (Think B4U Act)

  1. Recognizing and understanding a new and important responsibility;

  2. Understanding the consequences, the “Risks vs Rewards”.

  3. Set values for yourself, have a standard for yourself

  4. Establish your self-confidence

Module Three: Developing your Maturity (Rise Up)

  1. Maturity, accountability, responsibility, discipline

  2. Managing your Self-Control

  3. Understanding your Responsibilities

  4. Developing your Intelligence

Module Four: The Importance of Education (Real Power)

  1. Education System: Mind Development; mental growth

  2. Education: Discipline (external discipline, internal discipline)

  3. Education: “Brain Exercise”

  4. Discuss the top five reasons school is important today

Module Five: Selecting Friends and Managing Relationships

  1. Who are your Friends?

  2. Good Friends, Bad Friends vs Right Friend, Wrong Friend:

  3. Managing relationships in your life

  4. Captain your Ships

Part III: NEXT Level Learning Modules

Module One – The Road to Success

  1. The Laws of Success

  2. The Keys to Success

  3. The Principles of Success

  4. The Ingredients to Success

Module Two – Fear vs Faith

  1. What is Fear? What is Faith?

  2. Belief, confidence and trust

  3. Fear; False evidence appearing real

  4. Faith; The substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not real.

  5. Your mindset, your focus, your faith

Module Three: Principals of Money

  1.    Let’s talk about Money

  2. How does Money function in our society?

  3. Understanding where Money comes from

  4. What services do Banks provide?

Module Four: Imagination and Creativity (ImagiNATION)

  1. Imagination; ideas and imaging’s

  2. Creativity; nothing is original

  3. Vision; mindsight over eyesight

Module Five: Leadership (Masterminds and Wingmen)

  1. What is Leadership?

  2. Masterminds and Wingman

  3. Leaders vs Followers

  4. Discuss the responsibility of Leadership

  5. Personal leadership, Leading yourself

Module Six: The Power of Purpose

  1. What is the meaning of Purpose?

  2. Discover your Gift

  3. Who do you serve?

  4. True Power comes through Purpose

Module Seven: Careers and Occupations

  1. Providing Information and Exposure

  2. Providing exposure, expanding awareness

  3. Choose and get started

  4. Obtain knowledge about your choice

Module Eight: Value and Respect

  1.  What is Respect, how do you get it, how do we give it?

  2.  The connection between “Value” and “Respect”

  3.  What comes first maturity or respect?

  4.  The importance of creating value

  5.  Obtain knowledge about your value

PART IV: Additional Information and Exposure

  • SET THE TABLE (For completed Participants only):

    • Special Programs and Events;

                Job Readiness, Job Preparedness Workshop

                Concepts of Entrepreneurship

                “Choices and Decisions” Seminars

                STEM: Careers and Occupations

                Youth Basketball Program

                Making Money Through Social Media

                Dream Day/Career Fair and Exploration

                Robotics Program