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“We are transforming Broward County, One male youth at a time."

Boys are an integral part of society-they are the fathers, teachers, elected officials, activist, scientists, and noblemen of the future. Their destiny is of great benefit to us, their families, and the people around them. Through boys and young males that we get to pass on our heritage, our traditions, our knowledge in their hands, we lay plans.

May God continue blessing Broward County and the world with boys abundantly!

We are excited to write this letter inviting you to Men2Boys Mentoring Program, where we transform boys to men.  At Men2Boys Mentoring Program, we believe that boys are a treasure. And they are a masterpiece in the community.

Our question is!

Are you ready to support a fatherless 11-year-old boy and help him transform into a productive adult (if not more)?

Join us today in our quest to find what makes boys’ hearts beat with energy and enthusiasm.

Men2Boys Group Mentoring Program has been operating in Broward County, Florida, since April 2010. Our mission is to provide Group Mentoring and "Teen Coaching" to boys and young males in our community and the surrounding area. Encourage, empower, and equip, energize, and elevate young males to make responsible choices, smart decisions, recognize their passions and discover their purpose. Our vision is to operate a program that provides a generation of boys and young males with information, influence, advice, and guidance through Group discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, events, and activities.


  • Establish a group conversation that fosters the importance of making positive and productive choices and decisions in life.

  • promote the creation of creative, positive, and productive friendship while elimination negative friendships among peers

  • teach and emphasize the importance of education

  • Help the fatherless to grow up with fatherly love and guide them in every step of the way.

  • Empower the boys to start meaningful careers

Your generous contributions and prayers can help make our dream of making the best for our 11-18 years old boys and young males come true. Men2Boys understands the importance of guiding young males as they grow and enter adulthood. It is safer to show the way when they are young. With access to the right resources, these boys and young-males who traditionally lack resources can become empowered by their abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential. We believe that as boys grow into men, they need to have purposeful lives. Men2Boys looks to give boys a reason to believe in themselves again.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together" we can make great men out of the boys in Broward County.  Be a unique humanitarian that sacrifices to help transition boys into productive men of tomorrow.

With your help, prayers, and support, we can work miracles in the lives of our boys in our communities.

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