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Founder, President/CEO

Richard "Coach" Dunn, Sr.


CFO/Director of Finance

Rosemary Dunn

"Who we are…”

            Men2Boys Group Mentoring Program is a Non-Profit 501(C)3 Tax Exempt organization. Men2Boys has been operating in Broward County Florida since April 2010. Our mission is to provide Group Mentoring and “Teen Coaching” to boys and young males in our community and the surrounding area. To encourage, empower, and equip, to educate, energize and elevate young males to make responsible choices, smart decisions, recognize their passions and discover their purpose.


Our vision is to operate a program that provides a generation of boys and young males with information, influence, advice and guidance through Group discussions, workshops, seminars, conferences, events and activities.

Men2Boys' has many goals the first is to establish a group conversation that focuses on the responsibility of making positive and productive choices and decisions; everyday choices and decisions, long and short term choices and decisions.  

Our goal is also to promote the Importance of Education. Academic achievement and student success, meeting short term and long term goals in education is a direct focus of Men2Boys.

Another goal of ours is to promote the idea of selecting and creating positive and productive friendships and eliminating our negative friendships. Advising and guiding young males on how to manage the relationships in their lives and to identify important relationships from casual relationships.

In many cases though, struggles and failures in and out of the classroom, young males develop self-destructive habits. They are then ill-equipped to identify and eliminate these bad habits and therefore they lose faith in the possibilities for their futures. This loss of hope leads to negative consequences.

Men2Boys is a male-only (single-gender) program to ensure focus, to emphasize seriousness and to create bonds. We are also responding to the growing number of young males that are being raised in fatherless homes. Many of these young males are falling through the cracks at school or are already entangled with the juvenile justice system.

We provide group mentoring for young males, most of whom are facing a turbulent transition to manhood and we offer a positive support system to help them avoid the pitfalls that will derail their lives and in many cases destroy their futures.

Men2Boys will create relationships with the young males who participate in our program, and with any young males in our community, to assist in the development of their confidence, their maturity, their hopefulness, and their Dreams. 

Men2Boys Group Mentoring will become an invaluable resource to young males, as well as aspiring adult male mentors in our community and the surrounding area. (and eventually beyond)

Executive Director


Vice President

Rev. Dr. Gary Wilder, DMin.


Board Secretary

Ret. Donald Williams

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